Job Opportunity: Church Location Planter

Our vision is to start a “Next Generation” styled location of Re:Hope Church in Paisley with great worship, full of life and hope and energy, and designed to reach 18-26 year olds but open to all ages.  The kind of leader we are looking for is self-motivated, full of integrity, entrepreneurial, spiritually on fire, and has a passion for reaching university-aged people.


People who might be most suited for this role could include the following:


  • Worship leaders who want to continue leading worship with the expanded ministry focus as leader of a church location.


  • Experienced youth pastors or people in university aged ministry looking to take on the challenge of church leadership while still focused on young adults.


  • An experienced assistant or associate pastor ready to take on a more Sr. Leadership role.


We are open to customising the Paisley location's focus based on the age, skills, and temperament of the person to be hired. We are praying and seeking Jesus on who the right leader might be and will be designing the church location around their strengths.  


The primary job is to lead the planting of a “Next Generation” styled Re:Hope church location with the DNA of Re:Hope under the direction of the Sr. Pastor in Paisley. The majority of the preaching will come from the Sr. Pastor and so the Lead pastor’s role is to oversee the planting of the church location, Sunday gatherings, and effectively reaching the next generation in Paisley, Scotland.


Job Description:

1. Organise a church planting team of volunteers and people committed to seeing the Paisley location start strong. 


2. Maintain the vision, focus, mission, and priorities of Re:Hope keeping the priorities strong and thriving. (Such as Bible Read Through, Prayer, etc.)


3. Vision: Beyond implementing the vision and mission of Re:Hope, developing and leading a clear “location specific” vision and mission strategy relevant to the context and also spiritually discerned priorities for the location.


4. Oversight of everything connected to the location from building cleanliness, to budget oversight, to all things ministry (seasonal, midweek, and Sunday’s.)


5. Bringing Godly, consistent, pastoral, and healthy leadership of all the people of the location.


6. Oversee excellence and leadership of the Sunday Gatherings from infants to adults. 


7. Some Sunday preaching.


8. Common Pastoral Duties including Baby Dedications, Baptisms, Funerals, and Weddings as reasonable and requested.


9. Additional responsibilities based on skills and abilities.


Full-time position at £30,000 per annum  

No experience or education required.

Please complete the application below and we will be in touch shortly